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OCBC Logo_RGB-01

The brief to refresh the OCBC Bank logo had two clear objectives. The first objective is to drop "Bank" because, after decades of existence, there is no need to remind people what it is. The second is to contemporise the logo to make it work better across a variety of occasions and media, from online posts the size of postage stamps to large billboards. We achieved these by reducing the amount of details on the logo.


Task: To create a logo for Aqualita, an organization set up to spearhead urban fish farming by Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory. This logo comprises three components that represent the Aqualita brand. The first, “A”, stands for Aqualita and the “A” grade quality of the brand’s products and services. The second component, the “Tank”, represents Aqualita’s flexible and scalable take on aquaculture. Lastly, we have the third component in the form of the “Penrose Triangle”, which stands for infinity.

Telling Stories

Telling Stories is an online platform for young people experiencing depression and stress to express themselves through music and creative arts. And in so doing, bring healing to themselves and joy to others.


Task: To create a logo for Our Fish Storey, a new Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) made by Aqualita. Consisting of the subtle representation of fish anchored within an infinity symbol (∞), the Infinity brand mark represents the concept of Our Fish Storey possessing infinite possibilities in scalability and multi-species cultivation. The dynamic gradient and cyclical nature of the brand mark is also symbolic of its sustainability.

Punggol Digital District

Task: To create a logo for Punggol Digital District, a unique mixed-use district that’s eco-friendly, sustainable and digitally connected. The logo focuses on the powerful symbolism of Water. Water is commonly referred to as “The Solvent of Life” — the very basis on which the town of Punggol has thrived over decades. Water also represents fluidity, adaptability and flexibility, which are the founding signposts of the new Punggol Digital District. At first glance, the logo is an infinity symbol.


Task: To create a logo for IMDA, a statutory board regulating the infocomm & media sectors under the Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information. The inverse fonts of “I” and “M” make up the key elements of the IMDA logo. The letter “I” is framed by an open window, showing how infocomm media can open a world of possibilities for all. The letter “M” is created with three triangles representing people, industry and government working together.

Smart Nation

Task: To create a logo for Smart Nation Singapore, an initiative about a digital-first Singapore. At first glance, the Smart Nation icon appears like a burst of fireworks. It is made up of a vibrant cluster of red dots, culminating in an explosion of ideas. These ideas are what makes Singapore a Smart Nation. The logo celebrates a nation harnessing cutting-edge infocomm technology to benefit all.

OCBC Cares

Task: To create a logo for OCBCCares, the corporate social responsibility arm of OCBC. A simple, warm and heartfelt logo design incorporating the Bank’s colours, expressing desire and initiative to fight climate change, love for the environment and community.

OCBC Cycle
SUTD Aviation Studies Institute

Task: To create a logo for Aviation Studies Institute, a research centre for aviation and air traffic management. The Aviation Studies Institute in SUTD, established jointly with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. Representing the forefront of aviation policy research and thought leadership, the logo's futuristic typeface is accompanied by an airplane graphic with the use of negative space – propelling ever upwards into the gradient blue sky.

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